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Welcome to Lets Burlesque & Dance

Please note details of our instructor training courses can now be found at our sister site

Teach Burlesque and Dance

Based in the UK but offering services Worldwide

We have expanded our brand so we can offer you so much MORE than just Burlesque.

We now also offer other Dance Categories as well. 

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Our Mission Statement Is:

  • To make keeping the body and mind healthy as fun as possible & something you look forward to. 

  • To help people across the world remember what beautiful and amazing souls they are.

  • To help people to be able to look in the mirror and see all the positives about themselves

  • To remind people NOT to succumb to media pressures of what the 'perfect' body looks like

  • To inspire and EMPOWER people to be body confident both physically & mentally

  • To create a safe community for people to rediscover themselves & Express themselves without fear of judgement & criticism

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