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The 7 day Express Program

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Have you been splurging recently? Been short on spare time and have an event coming up that you are fretting about? Just the thought of your outfit stressing you out? Firstly STOP, don't it's not healthy to be unkind to yourself and lets focus on the positives and feeling better. This 7 day Express Program program features a week’s worth of workouts, Tips & Nutrition support to help get you feeling better physically and mentally. The workouts are all less than 15 minutes long & can be done almost anywhere, including during your lunch breaks. Equipment required: no equipment is needed except either a sturdy chair / sofa / bed to prop yourself on for some of the workouts. As an advocate of promoting body positivity I am not one for crash diets and starving yourself but I do believe we are all responsible for keeping both our bodies and our minds healthy so if your looking for another fad diet I'm afraid you wont find that here. Chances are the first time you do the program it wont quite go to plan BUT luckily for you once you have the plan you can keep going back to it when you need it.

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The FULL OnDemand access, £15.00/month


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