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Instructor - Candy Man Routine Download

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Welcome to our INSTRUCTOR Routine - Candy Man - ONLY available to download until 28th June 2024 On offer until 7th June then price will go up. So what do you get...? Your teaching license to teach this routine for life either as it is or tweaked. The music track An instructors only tutorial video A warm up track The Routine broken down into 3 sections The full routine Video Routine section recap videos A Cool Down Stretch Video A routine safety / intro video Terms & Conditions of Purchase: - The use of this routine is for Teaching purposes only and does not cover performances. Anyone wishing to perform any of our work MUST obtain written consent first. - No one is allowed to post more than a total of 60 seconds of our choreography anywhere either as a single video or a group of videos unless you are using our routine teaser video. - Anyone found to be teaching or passing off our routines as their own work unlawfully will face legal action. - Burlesque and Dance is not required to check that you are suitably trained, qualified or covered to teach our content however we do offer the appropriate training courses should you wish to ensure you are. - You MUST NOT send customers videos of the routine choreography for them to practice or learn. Customers must purchase the videos themselves. Anyone found breaching this will face legal action. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ALL VIDEOS BEFORE THE DATE ADVERTISED ABOVE BEFORE THE COURSE IS REMOVED. SHOULD YOU FAIL TO DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND AND WE CAN NOT SEND THEM TO YOU. Should you require an receipted invoice for your purchase for your accounts please do not hesitate to email us and we can send that on.

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