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Excuse me!!!!

Well are you ready?

We are often getting messages and emails with worries like.....

Am i too 🧓 old?

Am i too big 👙?

Am i too inexperienced 🙃

Am i too shy 🤭

Am i a good enough dancer 🕺

So today we remind you none of that matters, our classes are about SO much more than the routines and skills we teach.

🧡 they are about personal development

💚 they are about new friendships

💜 they are about having a hobby you enjoy

🖤 they are about connecting with yourself

❤️ they are about having a dam good laugh

💙 they are about taking 1 hour out to forget about everything and just have some YOU time

but hey don't take my word for it 💁‍♀️check it out for yourself 💋💃

#areyouready or are you still #makingexcuses

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