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So here we go again two....but as they say you cant keep good women down. So were not going to let it.

ALL classes that usually run on Mondays / Tuesdays / Wednesdays will continue as normal - so lets come out SUPPORT EACH other

From Thursday onwards most instructors WILL be offering classes online via Zoom, please remember whilst you you this is your pleasure time time our instructors this is their food on the table so we hope you WILL continue to support them where you can.

We don't worry about pets, kids, partners etc etc because you will be muted unless you need to speak to us. For us its about doing what we have to work with to keep us all from going insane over the next 4 weeks. ALL CLASSES HAVE THEIR OWN FACEBOOK GROUP please use these as much as needed to support & check in & reach out to each other.

For those of you who are members, if you wish to cancel your membership - then of course we understand but please remember you will need to EMAIL head office with your 30 day cancellation request. You may still attend classes after this but you are unable to re-join as members for 6 months.

We will be contacting all bookings over the next 48 hours & members also in case anyone misses this post.

Ladies we survived this once, we can dam well do it again.....TOGETHER....LETS DO THIS

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