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In case you missed it

So every Monday for the next few weeks we thought it would be nice to share a meet the team Monday series and kicking it off is the beauty.

So in case you missed Mondays FIRST meet the team we go

We would like to introduce you to the super sassy Belladonna Wilde Not only is she rocking being an amazing instructor but she has also started choreographing her own routines which we just LOVE.

All of our team details including where they teach and their email address can be found on our website

During these short videos you can learn

Who they are

Where they Teach

Why they choose to join the team

And what makes their classes unique

Would you like to learn more about joining the team?

We offer 3 training programs available to those BOTH in and outside of the UK

1 - Distant Learning Courses

2 - Live Zoom Courses

3 - F2F class room based courses

No previous burlesque experience required because we really will teach you everything you need to know. You can find out more at

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