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Introducing you to........

This time with a working link hahaha

****Lets Me Introduce you to our NEW service****

The Burlesque Box

Whilst Lets Burlesque will continue to look after our face to face classes our NEW service The Burlesque Box will be looking after our online customers with this AMAZING new service.

AND if you sign up before 1st December you'll receive your first routine in time to join us for some Christmas Fun

Welcome to The Burlesque Box - So how does it work?

The place where we are passionate about inspiring and supporting body confidence both mentally and physically.

* We all deserve something to look forward to in life.

* We are all guilty of putting ourselves and our health at the bottom of the list.

* We can all be guilty of saying .....I'll get round to trying that.

* We all know you cant pour from an empty cup.

* We all know our health is just as much psychological as well as physical.

Well NOW is the time to allow yourself a fresh and fabulous workout plan that you not only look forward to and enjoy doing BUT with all the giggles included you will even forget your working out.

Sign up to either our monthly or yearly membership plan and we will send you a fresh new Fun, Sassy & sometimes Saucy routine each month direct to your email box.

New routines are sent out between the 1st & 5th of the month to take into consideration weekends, Bank holidays and Seasonal holidays.

Some of our routines will involve props such as Feather Boas, Gloves, Hold ups, Hats, Fans, Dancing Canes & Chairs.

What I love about Burlesque, you don’t have to be tall, thin and super flexible. Lets Burlesque is created in a way to show you how to maximise whatever body shape you have and enjoy it.

It really is Sassy, Sexy AND suitable for everyone. It’s about having fun and having some YOU time that you will forget your even working out.

My advice is don't decide we are not for you or that you cant do Burlesque until you have at least tried us. Who knows you may even LOVE us.

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