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Last Chance before the price increases

Happy Sunday everyone, just a courtesy reminder....

On the 1st July I’ll be increasing the prices of our monthly memberships BUT before I do I wanted to let you know that those who sign up to any of our memberships BEFORE 1st July 2022 will get to remain locked in at the current low prices you see on our website today.

Should you cancel then re-join at any point then yes you will have to pay the increased price.

So if you have been wanting to get your hands on our membership NOW is the time to do this.

Some of you may have seen we now have a SILVER membership available with a GOLD one coming soon. As well as the fact we are back offering monthly AND yearly memberships again.

The silver membership includes everything in the Bronze PLUS we will also be including the following:

Non Burlesque dance routines and workouts

Flexibility workouts

Toning workouts

Legs Tums and Bums workouts

Arm specific workouts

Abs specific workout

Leg specific workout

Mini short on time fat burning workouts

Aerobic workouts

Plus lots more with each passing month

PLUS the opportunity to tell us what your goals are and requests certain workouts.

Again the cost of this IS going up on 1st July SO if any of you are wanting to lock in this introductory price of our silver membership BEFORE the price goes up on 1st July you need to act fast.

Here is a reminder of what's included in the Bronze membership:

  • Beginner Friendly

  • Intermediate Routines

  • Special themes

  • Warm ups / cool downs

  • Get any face to face classes at a reduce price

  • Priority booking at our events and workshops where possible

  • up to 50% off our workshops, events, course and masterclasses

Please ensure FULL details are read before signing up to any memberships - memberships can be cancelled at anytime simply by logging into your account.

Go check it out for yourself via our website

Lets Burlesque is copyright protected

You do not have permission to pass on, teach, or pass these routines as your own.

*T&C apply - please see website for full details

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