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Maidstone Classes are BACK baby

************************Announcement time**************

Sadly with the pandemic not all venues are ready to re-open again so we have made some changes to do what we can to get your Maidstone classes back up and running for now with a review every month.

The amazing Perrie-Maine O'Pauze has agreed to help us launch a NEW class in ASHFORD WHOOP WHOOP. So firstly we'd like to say thank you to Sally for running this Maidstone class for us but we are excited for the Ashford class - more details to follow soon

Please don't despair because the lovely Ruby Rai is going to be running one of the two Maidstone classes.

SOOOOOOO our 1/2 Maidstone class will be back up and running from ****Friday 9th October on a weekly basis 7.15pm*****

perfect time to do your class and still go out after (if anyone is even going out these days haha)

And she will be kicking off the re-open with our HALLOWEEN ROUTINE - I put a spell on you whoop whoop

What a great way to start the weekend...with a bit of Sass

Spaces are limited and all covid regulations are being followed

All bookings are now online only via our website

We look forward to welcoming you back 💋

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