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NEW email address


in case you missed this weeks newsletter please note Lets Burlesque head office has a NEW email address to accommodate for our growing family. - is our new email

this will be used for the website, marketing, social media, admin team, to communicate on a general day to day basis.

So just a reminder that ANY questions or queries you have should always go directly to your instructor either in the class Facebook group or privately via their contact details.

To find and SAVE your instructors contact details please head to

Should you need to contact head office for any matter which you feel you can not discuss with your instructor, you wish to make a complaint, or discuss your membership or account then these enquiries can be sent to or you can use our contact us page on our website.

All of our instructors are independent and self employed members of the team.

They manage all of their own customers and bookings and head office will only forward and emails received on to the instructor unless we receive a complaint.

So to avoid delays please do liaise with them directly.

Sassy regards

Your Chief Mustang

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