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Whilst Europe has a heatwave we have .....RAIN!

So I guess it's up to us to create our own wave of heat

Welcome to our NEW weekly blogs where each week we aim to keep you updated, share stories, talk funny gossip and share offers and freebies with you.

We are kicking off with what's NEW??

So new to our library this summer is our HEAT routine. One of our most elegant and classy routines which works with a fan prop.

Now don't be put off you don't have to go out and spend hundreds on the large fans, but the tiny fancy dress ones wont quite cut it either.

As part of the tutorials there is a separate video that explains the fans sizes and price bracket guidelines.

This routine is included as part of your membership .....not a member don't worry you can purchase as in an individual routine.

Next weeks topic......Gossip regarding adult content .....stay tuned


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