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Working in the adult content industry!!! Do you know someone?

Did you know that for nearly 2 years now our very own Cheeky Chief has been playing extra roles in 18+ movies for a French film production company?

Ooooo neither did we until March when she took a few days out for some last minute filming that came in.

It was never a secret but it's also not something she shouts about on our socials because she feels our social media accounts are about our customers journey, not hers

We got really curious in the office and of course had loads of questions for her including where can we see her work, hehe, such perves.

Q - Is there a particular company you work with or has it been different everytime?

A - The company she contracts with is Dorcel who she describes as a French version of our Ann Summers & Love Honey.

Q - When was your firm experience?

A - Her first film she worked on was in November 2021 and has been in 5 films.

Q - Does your son and family know and if yes what did they say?

A - Whilst her son knows she does some film extra work he doesn't know it's 18+ content but her family know and aren't bothered at all.

Q - Just how down and dirty have you got missy?

A - Well all the work I have done over the last 2 years on screen has been with my clothes on and has been of a PG fact I've shown more skin on social media than on filmset" .....for now she laughs....but off scene well that's another story! (she laughs)

That got us thinking ....if you had the opportunity to play in 18+ movies where your role meant keeping your clothes on, would you be curious and say yes? or would you give it a wide birth?

Lets us know using our poll below and don't worry ONLY WE can see the results SO your secret is safe with us...


  • ooo yes i think id be curious and try it

  • nope wide birth for me I just couldn't

Do you have more questions for our cheeky chief?

Send them in and we will interrogate her some more for a further update

Next week we will be talking about YOUR stories

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Love this & hell yea 🙌😈

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