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Looking for ways to keep your social media accounts active during the holidays?

Look no further than our December Social Media Posts package!


December is a busy time for all Dance & Fitness Instructors so making time to create & schedule good quality and different social media posts that will keep your accounts flourishing whilst you have some down time can be time consuming and a challenge.


With 31 unique ideas, one for each day of the month keeping both December & the festive season in mind, you'll have plenty of content to keep your audience engaged and growing.

We have focused on the Dance and fitness instructor template BUT all of these posts can be tweaked as you see fit to achieve your target audience.


We've included important dates and holidays, taking the hassle of planning off your hands.

Simply download the content sheet and bulk create. Then schedule and enjoy some down time.


Increase your engagement and grow your audience with our December Social Media Posts.


If you would like a more bespoke social media created then please reach out and we can talk about this.

December Social media posts

SKU: December Social Media
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