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This is for you to hire our FULL collection of promo materials for promo events / fetes and events as such

Includes selection of:


  • Branded Table cloth
  • Stilhetto shoe for encouraging photos
  • 2 x Large Roll up banners as seen in picture 2
  • Small Table banner with raffle info (prizes to be provided by you)
  • Table banner with free taster list encouragement (remember to print the taster list from the instructor area)


So remember a way you can cover your table hire fee and get people feeling brave enough to come over to you for a chat is to offer raffle / tombola. You will neede to buy yourself a raffle book.

With items like alcohol, gifts, sweets, chocolate, some burlesque items, a free 4 week course etc you could get some pennies over the table.

With your gifts though, we suggest you think about your event and the type of people that are going to be there.

If it's a family event think kids as well as adults and make sure the value of your item ISNT lower than the cost of a raffle ticket.


If you have a side hustle of making / selling things then you might also sell some of your items on the table instead.

These are jsut some ideas. 


Remember if you have a laptop or tablet that you can also set that up to show them some teaser videos OR even get them to register there and then


If you want any gift vouchers, pens, posters, leaflets etc you will need to purchase these seperately


You will need to collect this from me at home Isle of Sheppey Kent and return to me promptly after your event or if you time it correctly you could also collect from me before / after one of my classes. 


With most events on a weekend we work on the basis you will collect that Friday and return that Monday

Promo events hire pack inc Shoe

SKU: promo events hire pack
  • You understand that by hiring the promo pack from us that you agree to the following:

    All items will be checked before you collect.

    All items must be returned in the condition they were hired in.

    Accidents happen, we know this. However should you cause any damage to the items then you WILL be required to pay for that item/s to be replaced.

    Items will be checked upon your return and should you fail to report any damages you may receive an additional £25 fine and be prohibited from any further hire.

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