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These are great for raffles / promotion events you get asked for where you want to offer a nice and professional voucher as part of the prize.

They can be used if you want to run a social media offer and promotion and they can also be FANTASTIC for occasions like Birthdays, mothers day, valentines day, Christmas etc where you can sell the for your class price as gifts.


Please as seen in the picture they say the value of the 4 week course is £25.00 


These are sold in packs of 10 vouchers AND

Cost includes me posting it to you 2nd class standard


So if you need 20 vouchers you need to order x2 packs


These new vouchers now allow you to put in the class area and include a code word so you can see where its being claimed from IE which event or which raffle etc so I do recommend you record somewhere.


These are ordered my end in bulks of 100 so if they are showing in stock, then they are in stock to dispatch within 3 working days


The voucher is 21cm by 9.5 so a normal letter envelope size and come with soft pink envelopes

please note I don't earn from you on these I only charge what I'm charged plus P&P

Vouchers for raffles / Promo events

SKU: instructor gift vouchers
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