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 Our OnDemand Service Memberships

Welcome to our customer OnDemand Service where you can access as much Burlesque & Dance content as you like to ensure you never get bored.

Our memberships are also fantastic for people who don't have a local instructor and want to learn our routines, for customers who dance with one of our licensed instructors and want access to our content to practice between their face to face classes with other instructors, catch up on missed classes AND simply to enjoy content not being offered by their instructor.

Not a fan of monthly memberships?

No problem, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and keep in the know about our monthly routine downloads releases!!!!! Learn more by clicking HERE.

PLEASE ensure you read FULL details before purchase as we will NOT offer refunds for user errors, sign up errors or simply not reading the content or T&C's

If you are an Instructor please head over to our sister site

  • The FULL OnDemand access

    Every month
    The complete OnDemand membership packed with the following
    • Access to all Burlesque Content
    • Access to our other Dance Routines
    • Access to our other Fitness, toning & health Programs
    • New content uploaded monthly
    • Watch, learn & Dance through your TV, Laptop, Phone etc
    • Dance anytime, anywhere & with anyone
    • For Customer personal use only
    • Cancel anytime via your membership account
    • No refunds offered for early cancellations
    • does not include any face to face classes or workshops
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